The Department of Product and Industrial Design has following well equipped labs to meet the academic needs of the students and teachers:

  1. Postgraduate Research Lab
  2. Digital Computer Lab
  3. Ceramics/Wood Lab

1.Postgraduate Research Lab

In order to promote research culture at the department of product and industrial design, the lab is equipped with latest workstations (dual core zeon processor) facility for the postgraduate students. The recent i7 computer, are also being used by the students for their class assignments and projects. The internet access to all 18 available computers so that they can take maximum benefit from the available electronic resources.

Post-graduate Research Lab

2.Digital Computer Lab

Computer based subjects like product design and graphic design are totally dependent on facilities of a laboratory having all the computer facilities required in these specializations. Here student are given a hand on experience of different soft wares Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Free Hand, Adobe Photoshop, Auto Cad, and 3d Studio Max.

Digital Design Stations

1.Ceramics/Wood Lab

Ceramics laboratory was established in 2009 in the department of Product and Industrial Design. This lab (figure 3) is used to facilitate the students in developing their own ceramic products as well as to provide a platform to experiment with ceramic materials for development of industrial products. This lab also serves as a helping hand for the students for Model making of their conceptual design ideas. This lab contributes in the teaching of Product Design, 3D Modeling and Advance Ceramics courses. Equipment includes mainly Clay Mixer, Air Compressor with Spray Gun, Drying oven (range: 300° C), Extruder, Electrical Wheel including Modeling Adjustments, Gas Fired Kiln (range: 1150° C), Slab roller and Throwing wheel etc.

Ceramic Lab